Pest Control Service in Edgefield South Carolina

//Pest Control Service in Edgefield South Carolina

Pest Control Service in Edgefield South Carolina

If you are looking for quality pest control service in Edgefield South Carolina, trust Jury Pest Services.  Our company has been serving the Edgefield South Carolina area for over 50 years.  We provide a quality pest control service at affordable prices.    If you are in need of pest control service, our company will quickly provide you with a quote.   Whether you need preventative pest control, termite mitigation, or rodent control, our company offers solutions.

We recommend contacting us for a free consultation using the form below.  We provide fast and friendly service at an affordable price!

Termite Service in Edgefield South Carolina

The best time to fix a termite problem is before it begins!  Don’t wait until termites have caused thousands of dollars in property damage.  Get ahead of the problem with termite protection in Edgefield South Carolina.  Our experts will come to your home and set up a system that protects your home.  This full 360 degree protection system will keep termites from entering your home.   Avoid costly repairs to your property by getting a quality termite solution.  Contact Jury Pest Services using the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss protecting your home in Edgefield South Carolina from Termites!

Green Pest Control Service in Edgefield South Carolina

It’s important that we all do our part to help the environment.  At Jury Pest Services we are dedicated to protecting the environment.  We offer green pest control services in Edgefield South Carolina.  Our green pest control services will protect your home while also being environment and pet friendly.   In the pest control industry, it’s important to use solutions that do not cause any harm to the environment.  If you are looking for green pest control options in South Carolina, Jury Pest Services can meet your needs!

Free Quote/Consultation

If you are interested in pest control service in the Central Savannah River Area, fill out the form below.   We will respond quickly to help answer any questions you have or to initiate service.

Why Choose Us

  • In business for over 57 years!

  • Family owned and operated

  • One of the #1 family owned exterminators in the CSRA

  • Competitive pricing

  • 30 day money back guarantee!

I used to have a major pest issue at our lake home.  Jury Pest Services took care of the problem quickly and we would highly recommend them.

Gary W.

I was looking for a Green pest control solution in Augusta Georgia and found Jury Pest Services.  I appreciate that they offer the service and feel more comfortable protecting my children and pets in a natural way.

Jill R.
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